Wednesday 7 June 2006

Jersey, Turkey and 5 days until I'm off.

I'm currently sat in Pegswood Community Center composing this drivel. It's Wednesday 7th June and I'm due to leave for my global jaunt on Monday. I'm in a curious emotional state of excitement mixed with fear. The bus for Aberdeen leaves Newcastle at 0540 on Monday morning and I'm raring to go.

I'm having a meal with my Mother, girlfriend, cousin and his lass tonight to say goodbye. I had a pint with my Fatha in the 'clerb' and I visited my three chef brothers in Jersey last month. I sold my car to Johnny 'Delboy' English for £50  - he should be on Alan Sugar's 'The Apprentice'. My house sale is having the typical conveyancing delays - problems with the people buying the buyer's house so that should complete in the first few months I'm away (I hope it goes smoothly as I've signed everything this end). I have no possessions except a small tent, sleeping bag, hiking boots and a few clothes which all fit in my battered backpack - and that is my life for the forseeable - mint! Nowt else in the world to worry about.

The trip has kinda already started since we (gf and I) just had week in Icmeler, Turkey. We had a relaxing time treasuring our last moments together before we meet again in Shanghai. We went on a boat trip to a mud bath and had a go on a jet ski. We had a massage, a sauna, a Turkish bath, a Turkish shave (me that is - not her) and even a facial. It was a great week and the Turks were a laugh.

I need to somehow acquire a digital camera but I'm wondering if I should bother since I'm hopeless at remembering to take pics! I suppose I should really - it's not everyday you go gallivanting around the world. I'm still getting used to this blogging business.

The next time I write could be from a campsite on Grimsey Island just North of Iceland. Grimsey straddles the Arctic circle so I should see plenty of late night sun there. Or it might be from Denmark on my way to Sweden - I'm not sure. What I do know is that England play Paraguay on Saturday and I'll be watching their next game in Iceland having visited the Shetland and Faroe Islands.

Happy camping!

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