Saturday 10 April 2010

Swapping Trang for Phuket (via Ao Nang with Pla).

It's Saturday morning and I'm sitting in Phuket Town with an unusually clear head. I spent my last weekend in Trang before going to Malaysia on Tuesday 30/3/10. I took a crap 80bt 4hr local bus to Hat Yai where I picked up a 350bt 3 hr minivan to Penang. As I passed through immigration the officer asked if I was a teacher. It turned out he went to my school when he was a kid. This ensured a hassle free experience for me!

I stayed in the 75 guesthouse for 3 nights. A 60 day tourist visa cost 110RM at the Thai consulate. I saved 30RM by taking the bus and submitting the form myself. I ate an extreme amount of delicious Indian food and drank enough tea tarek to keep Malay tea plantations in business for another year.

I took a bus back to Trang on Friday 2/4/10 meaning I have to leave Thailand on or before 31/5/10. I was pleased to not have drunk or smoked for 3 days in Malaysia. However, this didn't last long as Mike and Tom forced beer and smokes into me on my return to Trang. On Saturday I had a puncture repaired on my motorbike's massive rear wheel. A new tyre would've cost 2200bt with a 1 week wait for it to arrive from Bangkok. Ironically, much of Thailand's rubber is produced in Trang but a tyre has to be ordered from Bangkok!

Pla came down to Trang for my last night and the following morning we headed to Ao Nang. Old Richard came and helped me tie everything I own onto the back of my bike. I gave him my ironing board since it wouldn't fit.

I spent 5 nights in Ao Nang before riding to Phuket Town yesterday. I turned up at my new school and ended up almost leaving immediately. They decided to pay me 33K instead of the previously agreed 38K. Why? Because my degree is in Engineering and not Maths. I pointed out that Engineering effectively IS Maths. After a while they acquiesced and agreed to offer me the original 38K which was good news. We then went on to do all the necessary paperwork.

So I have a new job commencing 3rd May in Phuket. I am on Phuket Island with a motorbike for the next year. Sometimes life can't get much better. Right now I feel like that.

Compounding this is The Toon's return to the EPL. Haway the Lads. I didn't hear about this until I phoned Richard on Wednesday - a full two days later!!

My brother recently had a little girl so I'm an Uncle for the first time.

Three reasons for me to celebrate tonight!!

Happy hunting.

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