Friday, 25 February 2011

Phuket women.


Last year I was in Trang, Thailand. I was nearing the end of a one year contract as a maths teacher and looking to move somewhere else. I still miss the lads from Trang and regularly call them.

Now I'm in Headstart International School, Phuket teaching GCSE maths. I'm also studying for an PGCE. I've been in this school four months. I feel settled although it's harder work since I teach 25hrs/week with only 4hrs free to plan and mark etc. I know this island inside out now and I have a few lasses on the go which helps somewhat.


I enjoyed a Christmas dinner at my local bar O'Malley's. I then attempted to quit alcohol and nicotine on Boxing day. I failed on New Year's Eve. The health angles are starting to worry me. I woke up on Boxing day shitting blood. I also had a huge lump on my gums. However, such is the lifestyle here on this party island, it's very difficult to extract yourself from the fun. I'm pleased I have a job through the week to mitigate the effects of 72hrs of booze every weekend. I'm aiming for a dry February.


A couple of weekends ago, I had to get off this island (Lee and I call it Glueket). I finished work on Friday, jumped on the bike and headed down to Trang to catch up with some old friends. The problem was that it was another insane booze marathon. It's all I spend my money on! I watched Spurs equalise in the last minute against the Toon before leaving my bike jacket at Mike's house. I then slept at a bar and left my weekend bag there (I still owe them 500bt too). I drove 4hrs home in the same clothes I arrived in. What a tramp.

On the way home a Muslim lady let me sleep on her porch for an hour as I was falling asleep at her food stall. She lived in the sticks between rubber plantations. I fretted a little about her husband or sons coming home to find a strange white man crashed on their porch. I woke up refreshed and continued home.


Smudge, an old Royal Navy Submarine mate visited Phuket last weekend. We had a great time spinning dits. 

We wore monkey T-shirts to remind us of sailing up the West coast of Scotland in 1996 (15 years ago - Jeez). We spent two weeks on a yacht doing that. He gave me a Russian Navy flag since he'd come through Russia to get here - much like myself.

Top lad Smudge.


Here's my little niece Gabrielle. Craig's daughter. Looking good in her stripes. I hope she's worth as much as Andy Carrol when she's older (36M????).

Phuket life

I don't think I'm cut out for a Thai lass. They're undoubtedly beautiful but this beauty seems to come with an insatiable thirst for YOUR money. I reckon I can't afford a lass here on a mere teacher's salary. I've met many foreign men who've been ruined here. Perhaps I'm mixing with the wrong kind of women?

Om at the massage shop. She crashed her bike pissed the other night.

View doing a Churchill in her bar.

Nat about to start a monologue on the state of Burmese politics and how this is affecting the mood in Libya.

Da enjoying Khao Man Gai on a brief break as a masseuse in Phuket Town.

Had an enthralling afternoon with Moon and Porn. After three hours in a temple we studied Shakespeare.

Little Nit and I at the Big Buddha on a Buddha holiday.

This is Wan who lives in Phang Nga. She played softball for the Thai national team. She works as a teacher and invited me for dinner one night. It was a nice evening. I then headed to Ao Nang in Krabi before visiting the lads in Trang again. I managed to pay my bills and collect my bag that I left the previous time.

An aggressive long blue fish trapped in a rock pool. It bit my finger.

Geordie Neil, myself, Lee and Phil in a bar in Chalong.

New Year's Eve in Patong. This is looking down the infamous Bangla Road. It looks like Wembley Way on cup final day - mobbed.

Bueatiful - watching the hundreds of lanterns float to the stars.

O'Malley's Steve playing with gas. This tastes like shite by the way.

Now who would live in a house like this? The way to the toilet down soi sip et in Phuket Town.

Chinese new year. Reminded of Taiwan.

Thai writing with a Chinese flavour.

One of the Trang lads. This is what can happen if you get pissed and fall asleep in the sun.

Where we drink in Trang is right outside a beauty salon. The girls agreed to line up for this shot. Canny nice eh?

Keep living the dream


Yang mai yoot soob buree - I still haven't stopped smoking

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