Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Nakon Sawan, new colleagues and Bangkok skylines.

These young people were part of a 'Bridging course' that I taught in July and August. Some of these kids have very wealthy and powerful parents. A big change from the government school in Pattaya!

A view down Ratchada Soi Sam where I live. Classy.

The Chinese Embassy at the end of my soi although the soi itself is bereft of Chinese men screaming into their mobile phones while continuously spitting.

On a wooden bus from Ratchada to Mochit bus station. Mochit is the famous Bangkok bus station from where one can travel to any northern of eastern destination. This actual journey was free since the nice Thai government like to treat Bangkok's poor from time to time. Unbelievably, even Farangs can travel free although you don't see too many on these buses.

Five days after paying 7000bt for a Samsung S7500, I saw a far superior Samsung S3 for 2500bt. Bollicks. However, these are Taiwanese fakes (available at Mochit). I still would've bought one as the real deal costs around 20,000bt!

Matt was moving from Pattaya to Nakon Sawan and I agreed to go along and keep him company as I'd never been to Nakon Sawan before. There he is buying the ticket at one of Mochit's vast array of ticket booths. There are hundreds of these booths offering varying standards of vehicle. Matt opted for a VIP bus with free coffee, food and no live chickens.

Here it is behind us as we waited for the others to finish their free dinner.

On arrival I spotted this mysterious hill top golden temple.
Nakon Sawan's best fence revealed itself a moment later.
Nakon Sawan had a rough time during last year's floods. The tide mark on this wall show how high the water got. Someone probably forgot to turn those taps of just in front of me. BTW, you never see copper plumbing pipes in Thailand. They're always a highly conspicuous blue plastic colour.

Matt and I eating alfresco near his room. I plummed for a TOM YAM RUAM MIT followed by a YAM WOON SEN MET DIAO. Top scran and cheap as chips.

A small market near the Chao Praya river which meanders through this town. They were busy building flood defenses along the banks of the river but it was too dark for a snap. NS was a hugely pleasant break after six weeks in the big smoke. When I retire it'll be to a place like this. Soooooo chilled out. We got drunk in a bar called 'Ef and Wef' which conveniently showed The Toon thrash Spurs on the first day of the season. This place had the fittest of women pouring our beer for us which proved quite a distraction. I'll probably be going up there regularly to hang out with Matt (and Kiwi DJ who coincidentally moved there from Pattaya also).

My new work colleagues during inset week.

This lass is Nan who is from Bang Na. We met for dinner in Town and haven't been back in touch since????

The best news so far is that I have located a steak place near my room. It is similar to my favourite steak place in Phuket Town therefore I'm delighted. I have been there three times in the last few days. This is a T-bone for 160bt. The fillet steak is also absolutely delicious.

Ice (my exgf from Phuket) decided to visit Bangkok. Here I am waiting for her on Saturday morning at Mochit again. At 8am everybody stood up for the national anthem.

Here she is fresh off a 12hr overnight bus trip.

We then went to meet American Alex (red cap) who had just cycled through Indonesia over the last 18 months. He's just gone back to the US to finish a journalism degree. He described his trip from Banda Aceh to West Papua over a 4hr steak dinner. Wow. Quite an adventure I can tell you. I have the new Newcastle away top and Matt has his Man City top. It was good to see Alex and Matt (whom I know from Trang) and Ice from Phuket. Strange to be around friends after 6 weeks of Bangkok isolation.

The students started their new term on Monday 27th August 2012. Here they are in the auditorium. My school never had an auditorium.

One of the lads took me up to see his Condo. This is the view looking East from his balcony.

A trendy pad on the top floor. This is what 35000bt/month will get you.

Here we are at the roof top pool enjoying a beer and admiring the Bangkok skyline after a tough day at the office.

Don't worry though. Sateeb is not becoming Hi-So just yet. My last meal in Nakon Sawan was from this lady who specialises in fried rat near one of Thailand's best buses.

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  1. Howay the lads! Great strip! I like living vicariously through your photographs, keep it up! :)


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