Sunday, 16 October 2016

Ditch Jobs. Acquire Tats.

Old lass

I moved to Chiang Mai exactly three years ago (Oct 2013) and went out with Oil for six months. She recently contacted me to say she'd dropped a sprog so I looked her up. I can't describe the emotions I felt on seeing the new her. Relief is probably the best word. I had no idea she'd balloon into a land whale. She was a hot 24yo when I knew her. Woah.

New lass

I've been with Wan almost a year. She's excellent although I feel things are starting to tail off. She finally decided to get off her arse and earn a few quid by doing some tapestry. She then moved into a full time position in a sewing factory. I was impressed by how quickly these computer controlled machines can put badges on school uniforms and stuff. 

One day she got knocked over at a pedestrian crossing by a bloke on a scooter who didn't want to stop. He paid for a night in hospital where I had to carry her to the toilet, fetch her food and generally be a knight in shining armour. We then got a ridiculous portrait done.

We've been out and about.

Out and about

I made a real effort to stay off the booze after breaking a rib at the end of July. I forgot to put the stand down as I was parking the bike, fell off, and had to live in pain for the next month. You don't want to break a rib. Before that I went bowling with a few old sixth formers.


Watching these lads has been frustrating. I went with Alex one night who made us miss every goal by having tabs outside. I met TinyToon at another game. 

The local derby v Lampang FC saw a crazy amount of rain. I got stuck in a downpour for hours as I'd decided to do a Samoeng loop just before it started. Doh. They still played the game despite the ridiculously waterlogged pitch.


One Tuesday night I had just finished a run at the park. I was sitting on a bench taking a slug of water. As I pulled the bottle away and looked down I was horrified to see my meat and two veg hanging out of a massive tear in my shorts. Two lasses were doing situps nearby and claim they never saw anything but they've been smiling at me ever since?

Anyhow, afterwards I was eating in a place where they've turned the AirCon into a jumbo jet when I suddenly felt a massive urge to get another tattoo.

20 minutes later I was lying down getting a mathematical equation inked for no reason other than I'd just exposed myself. Weird night that.


Another day I helped Brendan fix up his impressive hydroponic gardening system. Sometimes he comes jogging with me.

Bike trips

Have been few and far between. A combination of a full time job, a girlfriend and the rainy season have impeded the opportunities.

However, one day I was out I saw this yellow sign written in Thai. I stopped to take a photo as it made me laugh. If you translate it word for word it would read:

BULLSHIT 30B a bag. People are literally selling bullshit hehe.

Binning jobs

In my last post I wrote that I had a really good job. And I did. However, all that changed overnight with a 33% increase in workload with no extra pay. Just BAM - do it bitch. I already had plenty on my plate! I managed two weeks before binning the whole thing. Sometimes you just have to walk away.

They wanted me to teach 25 periods of 4 different A Level Maths and Physics classes plus an IGCSE. All for $1500. It works out at about $7/hr. Well under the UK's minimum wage. Bollicks to that.

Since then I've been offered another position in Chiang Mai and one in Ubon Ratchatani. However, after eight years in Thailand I think I might be ready for a change. I've had dozens of generous offers from China and I have a feeling I'll go for one of those. Probably teaching a UNSW (Sydney University) Maths foundation course in Xian. Until then I'm very happy to chill for a few months and consider offers. Sabai sabai.

The importance of a FU fund

That brings me nicely to the importance of having enough cash stashed away to be able remove yourself from untenable situations. I worked at Varee International School for 18 months earning only $1500/month. However, through minimalism I managed to bank $18,000 during that time. That's at least 2 years of living expenses in my case. So thanks again minimalism.

Since losing $250,000 two and a half years ago I feel like I'm slowly beginning to rebuild things. A few years in China and I'll be able to retire again. 

Keeping fit

They finally sent the finish line photo from the December 2015 Chiang Mai Half Marathon. Only 9 months after the event. Very happy with 21.1km in 1hr49m.

A few of my Thai mates where I run most evenings. One of them is wearing an old NUFC away shirt! It's great seeing people achieve their goals here. It might be weight loss or body building. Or even to run 10 laps without stopping. It's all good. I was a weak alcoholic wreck when I arrived in Chiang Mai. However, I've got two Half Marathons to look back on now.


Places, wealth, jobs, people, rainbows. They're all impermanent.

“Things arise and she lets them come; things disappear and she lets them go. She has but doesn’t possess, acts but doesn’t expect.” Lao Tzu

“The root of suffering is attachment.” The Buddha


Oom - to carry your lass (to the toilet in my case).


  1. Crazy to go to China just for money, IMO

  2. It's 2010 all over again where I was deciding between Klaeng and Phuket. Had I gone to Klaeng I'd still have my life savings. Strange when you look back at your life choices.
    Still deciding though. Anything could happen.

  3. Go for China, sounds like a change in scenery is due ...


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