Friday 16 February 2018

Roads less travelled

School pantomine just before Christmas. First time I've ever been a dancing mouse.
Bought a new computer in December. Bigger screen and speakers provide a cinematic experience when viewing porn. 10,000B in BigC. The little white laptop lasted over 5yrs. It was the replacement for an old one that was "borrowed" by dubious Pattaya lasses. I highly recommend ACER. The Honda of laptops.

Fell off the wagon recently. After almost a year of abstinence. Started with a weekend in Trang. I was only supposed to meet Stef.

Followed by a ludicorus New Year (3 day) bender in the Hat. I shed 5kg during it.

Then it was the big one. An outrageous boat trip around the Andaman Islands. I minivan-ed to Trang Friday night. Woke on Mike's sofa feeling rough. Met the lads at 0700 Saturday morning and was horrfied to see everyone already wiring into the mountain of Leo. 7am? Needless to say I joined in. Shudder. Great to see old friends. Felt like shit at work on Monday.

Around the Hat.

KlongLa Reservoir in KlongHoiKong district.

Coffee with Tai. He has a Honda CB650f. He's trying to convince me to get one too.

Off to KuanNieng for no reason. I like this shot of the river, drying chillies and my ice coffee. Can you spot it?

There's a jedi (love that word) on a nearby hilltop.

I went with Biak to The Secret Waterfall. Good laugh swinging on the Tarza. Biak was in M5 at Saparachinee School in Trang when I taught there. Cool lad. Works at my current school now.

It won't be secret for much longer as they're concreting the 2km dirt track. They'd done about 200m when we saw them. Hard graft in the heat.

I couldn't resist a run up to some aerials. Had a crack with the Engineer on duty.

Gung's one of the gym lads. Good laugh.

Recently signed up for the Hat Yai Marathon in May. I bottled it by clicking 10km instead of 21km. 

Seen some wonderful sun rises recently. Each morning provides a vista with a unique signature.

Keep living the dream gentlemen.

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