Sunday, 1 July 2018

The south of Thailand

Certain dates stick in your mind. Certain events trigger memories. The World Cup. I remember watching England beat Paraguay 1-0 on Saturday 10th June 2006 in the Black Bull in Morpeth with my brother and his wife-to-be. I can even remember the price (£1.70) and shape of the pint glasses. Two days later I left the UK.

Fast forward. Watching England stumble past Tunisia in 2018's incarnation caused the dawning realisation that 12 years have slipped by. Twelve earthly orbits of our star. Three World Cup cycles. And I ain't been back to Blighty.

I was 32. Had sold everything and left with a passport, backpack, tent and an ATM card. Always a light traveller. However, the spiritual baggage was harder to define, a strange duality of conflicting emotions coursed through my soul. I carried a helium balloon of wonderful freedom but shards of fear and uncertainty threatened to pierce it. I had to protect my vulnerable bubble of liberty.

I didn't know where I was going or what I would do but I was certain of one thing. I had to do it. Whatever it was. And looking back I'm glad I did.

Much has happened since that day but if I had to sum it up in a sentence ... I would say it's been a spiritual adventure. The tectonic plates of my world view constantly clashing. Each reformation leading to growth. Nothing is solid. Leaving your comfort zone is the first step to discovering who you truly are. 

"Who are you?"

Few people ask themselves. Fewer still attempt to answer. A very simple yet profound question. Do you know who you are? I'm still on the way.


This 300km loop has it all. Mountain coffees, beaches and lake wetlands.

This precarious track takes you to a Pattalung coffee shop ..... with a view:


A ride over the bridge through TalehNoi to check out the water buffalo.

Another little loop I like to do when I've got a spare afternoon.


Been riding since 2009 but have never had any official training so it was good to take advantage of a gift voucher I was given when purchasing the bike.

Spent a whole Sunday riding around cones, doing emergency stops and discovering how ABS brakes feel.

Good bunch of lads. We learnt loads. Sometimes I have to remember that I'm not Asian, I'm actually an oppressed ethnic minority. Or am I? According to cultural marxism, white ethnic minorities can't be oppressed since they're inherently more evil than other races (because of equality). This is why Europe needs diversity .... to dilute the evil.

I've been paying taxes and contributing positively to society for a decade but I'll never be able to vote or claim citizenship/welfare. Perpetually second class. Not bitching. Just stating a fact. I hope it doesn't change as I love this land and I would hate to see it "enriched" by mass immigration from shithole countries. Thailand is still very much Thailand ..... and it's wonderful.


Collected a HatYai Marathon goodie bag and jumped straight on a flight to Bangers.

Forgot all about the marathon when I booked the flight. Doh.

Hung out with Matt for a weekend sampling all the delights the Kok has to offer. No idea how I lived here for a year??

Then it was back to the Hat for some maths and beers.

Got a fright scrolling down the school's website only to see a MASSIVE pic of myself holding a protractor.

The fitness regime has been shot to shit recently because of a few alcohol slips. We've just started a six week holiday and I aim to ride around the whole country ...... dry.


Buy Bitcoin.


  1. how much has bitcoin made you in the last year then steve

  2. Bitcoin & book sales, surely you've recovered your financial losses now fella

  3. Put it in index funds mate

  4. Happy Canada day, mate! Enjoy the rides.


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