Thursday, 3 October 2019

Retirement (again)

Arrived in CM feeling upbeat after two years in the South. Glad to be back. Dining with Paddy and his wife (feels odd saying that) was a treat. The Indian was superb but it wiped me out for two days (food poisoning). An ominous sign of things to come?

Spent the weekends riding through the sticks. Business as usual.

However, owning a CBR500 entails running costs. New tyres set me back $200. I'd let the old ones go a bit far.

Renewed the passport wondering where the last decade went? In 2009 in Trang I had to post everything to HongKong. Now you have to present yourself to an office in Bangkok or Chiang Mai.

Bought a comfy office chair. A rare bit of indulgence there.

Fits nicely in my room offering decent views of rice fields. Loving the sticks of CM. About 20km south of the moat. Beautiful.

More trips in to the wilds of MaeWang. Mesmerised by this hydro-electric dam deep in the jungle.

Always a good crack with the Bagayo folk in the middle of nowhere.

But, this is where the wheels came off. I managed two months in the new gig before binnage. The act of binning inadvertantly kick-started Early-Retirement-MkII.

That was, quite possibly, the most stressful two months of my working life. I won't go into details suffice to say I'm pleased to be out. Some jobs can be hazardous to your mental well-being!

In a crazy week I'd sold the CBR500, binned the job and bought myself a little Granny-bike.

Thanapon was happy with his new bike and I was happy with pedal-power.

So what's the plan? Well, with over $500/month coming in from dividend-producing-investments, a canny chunk of change in Bitcoin and enough liquid cash to last 9 months ....... I'm off to Cambo. Hoping to get a 12 month retirement visa, a little room in Battambang and a bicycle. Will focus on learning to read/write the lingo while exploring the environs.

Retirement at 39 failed. Spectacularly. Let's see if I can pull it off 6 years later approaching 46.
Man, it's so relaxing cycling around the sticks of HangDong. Got another month of it before Bangers/Phnom Penh.
Anyone who knows me knows I love numbers and data. So I knocked up this little table detailing all my >125cc bikes over the last decade in Thailand.

Honda Phantom TA200 Honda CBR 250 Honda CBR 500
First Registered June 2005 July 2011 Mar 2017
Province bought Nakhon Si Tammarat Petchaburi Songkla
Province sold Bangkok Chiang Mai Chiang Mai
Date bought/sold Oct 2009/Jan 2013 Jan 2013/Nov 2016 Mar 2018/Sept 2019
Age when bought 4yr 4mth 1yr 6mth NEW
Time owned 3yr 3mth 3yr 11mth 1yr 6mth
Price paid 57,000B 70,000B 215,000B
Price sold 30,000B 45,000B 105,000B
Seller American New Zealand N/A
Buyer Australian Thai Thai
Km when bought 3,200 4,000 0
Km when sold 47,300 78,300 38,000
Km ridden 44,100 74,300 38,000

Total time 8yr 8mth

Total km 156,400

Round the equator 3.83 times


  1. Care to reveal which stocks are you investing in and what is the ROI? Are you investing in Thai stocks or overseas? Thanks

  2. Best of luck with your second go at early retirement!

    A lot of people are leaving Thailand. If you'd like to meet up in CM before you take off to Cambodia, let me know.

    1. Love your blog man!!!!
      Wish I'd had your knowledge in my 20s.
      Fixated on birds, booze and hedonism .... using piss-heed "financial advisors"? Set me back a bit that did. Meh, don't regret a minute. What a ride.
      Coffee would be awesome.

    2. Thanks, man!

      Yeah, I'm up for coffee. I'm not able to find a contact form here. So I'm not sure how to privately send you a message. I have a contact form over at my site, if you want to shoot me a message. Better than publicly broadcasting my email address. Shoot me a line when you're free and we'll set it up.


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