Friday 1 January 2021

Celestial Maneuvers in Mui Ne

As the earth completed another arbitrary orbit of our star, I spent the time reflecting on 47 years of sentience. The older one gets the more meaningless everything becomes, to the point of laughable absurdity. Life certainly seems to be a cosmic joke. Extended periods of suffering punctuated by moments of joy. The universe exercising its dualistic nature, happiness can't exist without pain. Light without dark. Once basic needs are met, the best one can hope for is contentment, whereby both bliss and suffering are attenuated, and a vanilla state of being is achieved. The middle way as Buddhists might say.

That's the kind of shit I think about as I walk 6km along a tropical beach each day at sunrise. It's difficult to articulate my thoughts in writing. I never seem to be able to convey the precise nuanced meaning I'm after.

A perfect example of what I'm trying to say is the last 5 months of my life. It's been pretty grim. Exhausting 50 hour work weeks in a soulless-magnolia-cave in the heart of a depressing megalopolis. I get a front row view of the rat race. And a name badge. Suffering. After 20 weeks I was allowed a week by a beach. Joy.

A country should never be judged by its largest conurbations. They provide skewed metrics. London, Bangkok and HoChiMinh are prime examples. If one never left these dystopian shitholes you'd never experience the nation's natural beauty and the warmness of more relaxed rural folk. What a joy it was to simply not be in HoChiMinh.

I stayed in a guesthouse with beautiful gardens. Listening to the birds, frogs and crickets each night. I enjoyed gazing at the stars. Especially on those tropical evenings where there's not a breath of wind - not a leave rustling - completely still. Lovely.

The room cost 1.6M VND. The bus there and back was 0.3M. A further 1.6M on food and drinks brings the total to 3.5M VND or exactly $150 USD. Not bad for a week in paradise.

Things to note about MuiNe. There's a lot of Ruskies here. Locals fish from little round bath tubs. There's a brilliant sunset viewing area at the southern end catering more to locals. I loved sitting there with a Cafe Sua and walking home in the dark. There's a breakwater built with tetrahedra-shaped rocks - an excellent choice for dissipating a wave's energy. All in all it was a fantastic week and I really didn't want to go back to HoChiMing.

I was actually here in April 2007 but don't remember much about it. - that was back in my twatpacking days.

Was on the dog-n-bone to me brother when he mentioned a few lads we went to school with have died. Drug overdoses and suicides. All blokes. C'est terrible.

I don't regret leaving England 15 years ago. Nothing seems to matter there. Nationalism is a dirty word. Aimless indigenous young men from deprived areas. Affirmative action for everyone but them. Invariably succumbing to drugs, welfare and crime. No purpose, religion, nation, kin, community. The feminists have even nuked families. All destroyed for the neoliberal-globalists. Mass immigration foisted on them. Division, disharmony and a lowering of wages. Brexit and Trump the death spasms of the west. A once great civilisation. Shame. RIP.

I digress. This is the quietest area within a 10km radius of where I live. You can still hear noise from building sites and the whine of distant scooters but it's pretty good. I simply sit on the curb and drink water for an hour. There's no traffic as they've sealed the road off - I jump over the barriers. I have no idea how naughty this is? However, nowhere is far from the omnipotent, all seeing Eye-of-Vin.

A few pics from work. I get to sit in a corridoor for 45mins at lunch.

But there's a coffee machine.

I'm lucky to have a great bunch of colleagues. Schools can be very hit and miss on this.

And finally, the cute coffee girl.

Two years off the piss and tabs! Yeah!


  1. Did you ever get any payback from the dreaded Legal funding fiasco? They gave me about 85% back merely because I had cashed in on the first English based opportunity and not rolled it over. On that there were large profits which cover quite a bit of the loss on the Cenatur corrupt ventures they dreamed up based in Cayman! David Fisher Pranburi Thailand

    1. I got 33% back. Invested Nov 2011. 33% returned in Nov 2018.
      An amazing 67% loss. Glad the capital was guaranteed though eh?
      Back on my feet now but have had to work the last 7 years instead of what I had originally hoped for. Cheers.

  2. Matey, what are your plans for the next retirement? Stick around Cambo till you kick the bucket?

    1. Looking like Cambo coz most convenient visas. But not going anywhere until this Cuckvid shit dies down.


  3. Hello Stephen, blast from the past stumbling across you on the Internet.
    I was friends with Craig and Richard in Brighton and came up to stay with you guys in Pegswood, must have been 1986. My mum sent me photos of all of us recently .Be interesting to hear what all your brothers are up to these days?

    1. Hi Garry, yeah I remember you (vaguely). Hope you're well. I think your Dad had a cool little 3-wheeler? Craig is married with a daughter in Northumberland. Mick, Bobby and Joe live in Jersey. Richard lives in Wales somewhere. Sylvia and Glyn passed on in 2008 and 2019. Sad times. How did you find this blog? hehe.

    2. Hello Stephen,I'm doing good thanks. Married with two kids aged 5 and 9 . Live in Shoreham now about 7 miles from Brighton, work for Brighton & Hove city council.Jenny was my mums friend and I spent alot of my early childhood with Craig and Richard I thought I would try to see if they were on
      Facebook ,no joy so Googled all you guys names and up came your BBC Tyne article on the AWOL Geordie. Sorry to hear about your Mum and Dad. I've photos of you and them I can send you.ive really fond memories of our trip to Pegswood,remember us going to St James's park to see a pre season friendly. My first ever footie game. Year later I went to my first Brighton game and have been a supporter and season ticket holder ever since. Your cat "Tuppence" was a kitten" .we went for day trip to the farne islands. Remember catching crayfish in the river in Pegswood. If theres anyway you know I can contact craig and Richard that would be good. Take care. Garry

    3. Aw man, I totally remember the trip to the Farne Islands. And Tuppence. Wow, blasts from the distant past. Send me an email at and I'll give you Craig's email.

  4. Any update matey? Been 2 months already.