Sunday 31 October 2021

You never know what's round the corner

Got double jabbed. I didn't want to get vaxxed but I do want to travel. Government overreach around the world has been terrifying. Some Europeans are protesting but compliant Asians have bent over and taken it - no lube. The Army starvation lockdowns in HCMC were brutal - the worst on earth!

It's all on apps these days. The Vietnamese love em.

Just as people were staring into the abyss, our employer offered to fly us to a 5 star resort on a tropical island - for free. We were like rats up drainpipes.

Had to have a dozen PCR tests and wear NBC suits for the 1hr flight to PhuQuoc. The normally bustling Tan Son Nhat airport was dead. Surreal.

Any complaints were short lived once we saw our beach front villa for the next 18 nights.

Spent hours sat by the pool listening to birds and crashing waves. Enjoyed every minute. What a relief to be out of the noisy concrete shithole. It's easy to forget more harmonious places exist. The sunsets were golden.

Sharing a luxurious villa with Andy (Geordie) and Michael (Blackpool) was brilliant. Couldn't have asked for better housemates in the Big Brother house. Mint crack.

On the final night they laid on a posh BBQ by the pool. Can still taste the ribs and mussels. Magic.

Alas, nothing lasts forever. The return flight was always in the back of our minds, the sword of Damocles looming over us.

It was depressing to be back in HoChiMing so I cheered myself up with a haircut to celebrate the easing of the 4 month lockdown.

And so it was back to online teaching, daily 9km walks and drab sunsets in a comically small park. A park that seems surprised by its own existence. Where TPTB gave a small nod to nature - so long as it's manicured to death. An inverse aberration - a small green zit on a beautiful concrete face.

Had some good news at work. After months of persistence they finally agreed to a more chilled workload. I battled hard for a reduced salary and was rewarded with the best timetable I've ever had - 14 periods of A-Level Physics. I see it less as losing money and more as gaining less stress.

Not like AWOL Geordie to decline the green stuff eh? While it's true I came here to stack cash, my investments have performed beyond my wildest expectations, meaning I'm literally able to take my proverbial foot off the figurative gas and enjoy a more relaxed life. Try unpicking the logic in that sentence.

This got me thinking about the best life choices I've made - things I wish I'd known at 20:

1. Leaving the UK. Perhaps the single best thing I ever did. The thought of being tax-farmed to fund a ๐Ÿคก๐ŸŒŽ woketopia turns my stomach. It's simply blissful not being there.

2. Never marrying. A sovereign life of freedom is impossible with a ball and chain. Pleased I had the fortitude to resist the pressure to conform from family, exgfs and society. Especially with today's corrupt family courts in the west.

3. Quitting alcohol/nicotine. Pulled it off at 45. Wish I'd done it at 35.

4. Studying philosophy. Wish I'd heard of people like Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Descartes, Marcus Aurelius, Diogenes, Alan Watts and Carl Jung in my late teens. The thing is I wouldn't have read them even if I had - youth is wasted on the young hehe.

5. Understanding investing. Was always a good saver but knew nowt about investing. That ignorance cost my entire life savings ($190k usd) at 40. Since then I've educated myself - and it's paid dividends. Pun intended. Literally.


  1. Always a pleasure to read your posts matey!

  2. Has portfolio doubled since the onset of Covid?

  3. well, that's great...sounds like things aren't too bad. But thanks for the update and how you are feeling as it cheered me up after being in a dark place for awhile now. I'm in jomtien, thailand and the monotony after 6 months being restricted in everyway has gotten to me...But alas Nov. 1st today and I can't wait until this opening of the country fucks up in everyway...Just kidding but I don't think they are ready and are just opening out of shear desparation. Hope I'm wrong. I am looking for places south to move. A Quieter, more peaceful existence...But thanks for your words of wisdom...enjoyed it and took me up a notch or two.

  4. Interesting read. I wish you would post more. Your content is some of the most fascinating on the interwebs for me.

  5. among your reading list you forgot to mention your spiritual guru, Peterson

  6. forgot to mention ya spiritual guru, Peterson

  7. Found you while looking for massages in Chiang Mai ;) but have stayed for the great writing and content.

  8. Fact that'll make ye feel old. 30 years ago yer bed was in a room wi 20(ish depending who had been kicked out) other shaven headed blokes.

    1. Whisky Waalker fae Dalbeattie? What a blast from the past. Hope you're well man.

    2. Way aye bonnie lad. Keeping well wi the help o the gift that keeps on giving otherwise known as the naval pension. Good to see your well, Ste Rae pointed out yer blog to me a few year back and I sometimes remember and have a quick look every few months.

  9. Hello Stephen. It's William. Yep that one. How's it going? I've just been out in the local town, for some smoking of cigs, and to get the news from my sister's family. I got a card from her friend with kisses!

    Which reminds me,have a great Xmas!

  10. Remember the Amiga and that coffee machine at high school. This teacher was flirting with me this one time near the machine. I just reacted with thoughts of Kick Off and all the rest of them.

  11. Scotland's national anthem for ya which is nice

  12. I remember, once at your house you asked me if I didn't like my music blaring as a change from headphones, I still prefer some nice ear wear to this day actually. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Toon army! Note the cheeky Magpie. Bought from 'Wor Flags'

  14. Hi Happy New Year. I'm glad you're off the fags and beer. Problem now is what will your resolutions be?